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residential structured wiring

Residential structured cabling design and installation is built using  a set of standards that apply to the required wiring for each device in the network.  specify wiring data or voice communications uses category 5e (CAT5e), category 6 (CAT6), and fiber optic cabling and modular connectors.

These standards define how to lay the cabling in various topologies in order to meet the needs of the customer, typically using a central patch panel where each modular connection can be used as needed.

With a correctly installed system your requirements of today and of tomorrow will be catered for and whatever hardware you choose to add will be supported. Synergy Home Automation and Security specializes in structure wiring for residential and commercial.

Home Wiring & Networking Services
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  • Internal & external data network wiring
  • Multiple room home theater wiring
  • Security System and Camera wiring
  • Intercom systems
  • Integrated lawn sprinkler system
  • Buried from street to home
  • Expert Design, Customization and Training
  • Certified Installers
  • Remote control apps available
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Residential Network Wiring Sales & Installation in New Braunfels

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Structured Wiring Applies Device Standards
And Minimizes Frustration and Uncertainty

Synergy Home Automation and Security Offers professional structured wiring and cablings solutions for Any Budget

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